Sell-Side Advisory

Conversion of real estate assets into liquid capital

We develop and execute a financing concept for you through sale-and-rent(lease)-back transactions, and accompany you throughout the entire real estate transaction - from the first contact to the conclusion of the transaction.

Reasons for a sale-and-rent(lease)-back transaction include:

Liquid funds

Creation of liquid funds for organic / inorganic growth


Early return of equity to owners


Reduction of bank loans

Equity optimization

There is usually a positive difference between private equity EBITDA multiples and rent multiples of sale-and-rent-backs, which represents an arbitrage opportunity

Risk minimization

The above points usually allow for a substantial risk reduction of the equity contribution.


Inspection & market evaluation

Inspection of the real estate property for sale and evaluation.

Preparation of the property

Resolution of open issues such as environmental pollution and official requirements, technical aspects of buildings, current or planned investments, etc.


Contacting investors (market sounding) with a teaser/short profile on a no-name basis.

Information memorandum

Preparation of a detailed information memorandum (sales document) with full property and tenant documentation. In order to monetize the full potential of a long-term sale-and-lease-back, it is imperative that the investor receives a clear understanding of the tenant’s line of business and financial situation.

Letter of intent

Obtaining LoIs (letter of intent/declarations of intent to purchase).

Bid evaluation

Comparison of competing offers in all relevant aspects - amount of offer, likelihood of completion, duration and complexity of the transaction, etc.

Negotiations & Closing

Maximization of the sales price, negotiation of purchase and rental contract conditions with the buyer, closing of the transaction.